Summary of DIVIMP Task Items:


This is an on-going list of work items - they are not listed in priority order.

Priority Summary:

  1. APS poster - CMOD related.
    Modeling the OUTER SOL for matching of horizontal and vertical reciprocating probes. In addition, looking at matching other experimental data. The following are items that need to be looked at:
  2. APS poster - DIIID related (Steve)
  3. Vacuum grid development (Steve)
  4. Provide on-going help for Taekyun's DIVIMP modeling of CMOD
  5. Find a second DIIID shot and time slice for modeling.
  6. Collect heat flux and power source data in the output file
  7. Develop OUT code to model other diagnostics
  8. UEDGE-OSM code-code comparisons.
  9. Assign the 2D OSM P_cool_total (H+C) term based on the 2D expt bolo P_rad
  10. Develop simple plasma-wetted wall sputtering option
  11. Turn SOL23 into user-friendly, work-horse, main-line OSM.
  12. SOL24 and SOL24A
    SOL24 is a method of specifying the plasma that has several free parameters that define the ionization front and the size of the ionization zone. It then iteratively solves the background one flux tube at a time obtaining a set of paramters on each flux tube that are consistent with the source and sink assumptions in the prescription. SOL22 is used at various stages as part of the solution process. SOL24 seems to mostly involve constraining the sources and sinks that are passed to the standard solver. For more details please see TN1519.
  13. SOLOpt25
    Use Thomson data over whatever spatial region it is available and then blend this into a 2D model like SOL22 or an alternate prescription at the edges so that a complete background plasma is eventually generated.
  14. SOLOpt26
    Multi-region SOL option that utilizes the DIIID divertor Thomson data to aid in defining the background plasma. For more details see TN1514.
  15. Add hydrocarbon break-up option.
  16. Add grid extension to the wall.
  17. Extract the 2D electron cooling term, P_cool from UEDGE
    If all that's available is P_rad - sum of hydrogenic plus impurity - then one has to add the product of the ionization rate of hydrogen times the ionization potential energy, 13.6 eV, plus same for all the charge states of carbon; I hope that P_cool itself is available!. We then want to use that in 2 ways:
  18. TN1518: calculating the line shape of CI line in DIVIMP
  19. EIRENE to UEDGE Neutral model comparison.
    We need to run EIRENE on the UEDGE solution and compare the neutral densities, ionization patterns with what UEDGE gets. I'm not sure whether to call this critical-path stuff re PSI/EPS or not. What's certain is that it's pretty critical for having us come across around here, and with Gary and Livermore, that we are doing useful things. So, I think we need to give this some priority.
  20. Code development items related to getting the current version of DIVIMP/Eirene to work for Asdex Upgrade - Karl's visit from Feb 21st to March 3rd 2000
  21. EIRENE clean up and completion of code integration (Steve)
  22. Turn SOL23 into user-friendly, work-horse, main-line OSM.
  23. EIRENE output file printout (Steve)
  24. SOL27: Development
  25. SOL24: Application to the inner target for C-Mod shot 990429019 (Steve)
  26. Post to the Fusion Group Publications web page.
  27. Several low priority tasks: (Steve)