The DIVIMP Home Page


DIVIMP is a plasma physics modelling code for the simulation of fusion reactors. DIVIMP is an acronym which comes from the words (DIV)ertor and (IMP)urity. The code was initially designed to simulate the behaviour of impurities in fusion reactors which operate in a magnetic divertor configuration. Over time the code has evolved so that it can model most tokamak magnetic configurations including both limiter and divertor geometries. In addition, the code has the ability to calculate a hydrogenic background plasma into which the impurity particles can be injected if experimental data about the plasma conditions at the targets is available. Below are several links that DIVIMP users and collaborators might find useful.


The DIVIMP Documentation

The DIVIMP documentation consists of a series of manuals and guides that describe some of the physics that is involved in the code as well as detailed descriptions of the options that may be set for the code. The user guide includes information on code installation and operation while the reference manuals cover what options are permitted and what effect each of these options will have on the simulation.


Recent DIVIMP Results

This link connects to the directory containing currently posted results and a log of recently run cases. This is most useful for DIVIMP collaborators who are looking for specific results that have been posted.


The DIVIMP Development Task List

The task list consists of DIVIMP development and work items that are either in the queue for development, currently under development or being considered for development.


Completed DIVIMP Development Item List

The completed development list is a record of features that have been implemented in DIVIMP. It is not a complete list since a number of smaller development items may never reach the task list. However, it does provide an indication of recent accomplishments and new features which have been added but may not yet have been documented.