The DIVIMP Documentation

DIVIMP is a computer code for modelling the transport of impurity particles in a fusion reactor. The name comes from the combination of the two words Div(ertor) Imp(urity) and describes the code's role in modelling impurities in a divertor equipped Tokamak fusion device.

The code has a great many input options that allow for a great deal of flexibility in the modelling parameters. Unfortunately, this also leads to a significant amount of complexity at the same time. This set of documents is designed to help manage that complexity. Every line of a typical DIVIMP input file is described in the reference manual. The sample DIVIMP input file contains references directly to the relevant sections of the reference manual. In this way, any question about the meaning of an input line can be answered quickly and precisely.

In addition to the DIVIMP and OUT reference manuals. There are number of other documents which together form the DIVIMP documentation. These are the DIVIMP User Manual which describes how to setup and run a typical DIVIMP case, the DIVIMP Source code reference which briefly describes the basic purpose of each source code module and common block, and the DIVIMP Multi-Site Code Development document which proposes guidelines for local DIVIMP development. The last document is intended to make it easier to re-integrate divergent version of the modelling code since it is simultaneous use and development at a number of research labs.


The DIVIMP Reference Manual

The OUT Reference Manual

The DIVIMP User Manual

The DIVIMP Source Code Reference

The DIVIMP Multi-Site Code Development Guide

DIVIMP Sample Input File

The DIVIMP Guide (pdf)