University of Toronto

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Fusion Research Group

The fusion research group at the University of Toronto is involved in research in the field of nuclear fusion related to the development of magnetic confinement fusion devices for next generation power generation. We are actively engaged in collaborative efforts with a number of Tokamaks around the world inclucing DIII-D at General Atomics in California, the JET Tokamak in Abingdon, England and Asdex Upgrade at Garching, Germany among others.

The group has two primary fields of research. The plasma-surface interactions group is headed by Professor A.A. Haasz. The edge plasma modeling group is headed by Professor P.C. Stangeby.

These web pages are used by the group to support our OEDGE (Osm-Eirene-Divimp edGE modeling code) efforts and to allow for the easy exchange of data among OEDGE researchers.

The main contents of the site are the following:

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